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Maureen Lennon

Thank you for a powerful performance at Daryl’s Saturday night. I was so happy to get that little table right up front. I loved how you guys let me see up close what your fingers were doing on the guitars. I feel like you may have done that on purpose, seeing my interest. Thank you! That was very kind. If I could ask one thing, it would be for the bass player and keyboard player to get more spotlight and attention. My husband and I had such a good time and we will see you again! (I just watched the video and my big fat head was in the way most of the time. I’m famous now! ) So keep on being great! ❤️


I’m very pleased to know you enjoyed our show at Daryl’s House. Please come and see us again when we are in your area!

Patty Casey

Saw you last night at The.Kate!!! You guys were fabulous!!!! Thanks for a great show and please come back soon!!!


Great seeing you, Patty! We’ll be back soon!

Dennis Genco

Saw you guys last night at the Cutting Room great show. Have seen the band several times when your in the tri-state area. That was me last night who you gave the posted to. Yes I was there at the Filmore East show on June 26, 1971 I was 20 years old it was and still is the best concert I ever saw. Have been ABB since then. I am a bit disappointed that Rick was not playing in the band. He and you are the Duane Allman and Dickey Bettes exactly, and I know every guitar lick they played. Not having him the band is not the same. I don’t know what happened between you and him but he is far better that the guitar player you had last night. He and you is why I come to see and hear Live at Filmore East band. Not sure if I’m coming anymore if Rick isn’t by your side. Anybody else in the band can be replaced but not what you and Rick due to bring back Duane and Dickey. Thanks for listening


Rick was a great player but things change. Joe is a very talented player, tremendous addition to the band and even more authentic to the original. I think you’ll find that to be true when you come to hear us again.


Really enjoyed your Peach Fest show! Please work with taper (Dirty South, Z-Man, Chris Davis) to capture your shows and help spread the word. You guys get a great sound and I would love to hear more of it!


Jimmy, I’m happy to know you enjoyed the show at Peach Fest this year but that was not LIVE AT THE FILLMORE™, The World’s Greatest Tribute to The Allman Brothers Band. Unfortunately, we were unable to perform at this year’s Peach Fest. Hopefully, we will be there in 2022. Come see us when we’re in the area again. We’re at The Palombaro Club in Ardmore, PA on 11-26, Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA on Friday, January 28 and Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ on 1/29/22. You’ll feel as if you’re at Fillmore East in 1971! You can see our upcoming shows on the website!


awesome show last night at Jergels. you guys rock. The Allman Bros are my favorite band and live at the fillmore east is the one record i would want if i was ever marooned on an island. one thing, you played in memory of Elizabeth reed too early. your second set was great especially jessica and southbound. spot on keyboards. wow. I’ll come see you guys anytime you are within driving distance.


Thanks, Eric! Hey, Liz Reed needs to go somewhere. lol. Those sets were similar to the ABB at Fillmore East in 1971.

Timothy Wills

Lou and guys – an amazing show in Hopewell tonight. You are so talented. 28 minute version of Mountain Jam and my very favorite – Liz Reed. The whole band was so good and it was nice to chat a minute with you after the show! Hope you come back!


Looking forward to returning to Hopewell and The Beacon, Tim!

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